Veritas Et Lux



You must follow the rules. The first and second offenses warrant a warning. Third is temporary banishment (3 days). Fourth offense is longer temporary banishment (1 week). Fifth offense is permanent banishment. We get the logs, so we know who's doing what.

1. No yiffing in public places. We have 13 lockable rooms, use them.
2. Respect others. This is just a good rule. You should respect others. For instance, if someone's roleplaying in the bar area, keep your OOC chatter in brackets.
3. Ask Abby Venturi or Veritas Et Lux for a job. Don't assume that just because you have share you have a job.
4. Don't steal other people's things, which means things they are using.
5. Don't beg to get the dream files. If you are worthy enough to recieve them, you will.

Staff Rules

Staff must also follow the rules stated above. There are also additional rules, and we expect you to follow them. Punishment is as follows: First offense, warning; Second offense, warning; Third offense, termination of employment. These are stricter rules because staff members are expected to behave with the utmost of respect.

Additional Staff Rules

1. Stay out of other people's rooms.
2. Just because you can walk on the black, doesn't mean you should.
3. Stay out of the private rooms if they're locked. If no one's in them, Verty, Calyx, and/or Abby will unlock them.
4. Only Verty and Abby have relatively special commands. If you really want one, be nice, and perhaps we will give you one.
5. If Abby or Calyx gives you live-edit, don't abuse it by destroying other people's rooms, the bar, or other items. This also means don't save on your computer. We have it covered.
6. If you think something can be improved, don't hesitate to tell Verty, Calyx, or Abby. We appreciate it.

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