Veritas Et Lux


People who work at the bar

Abby Venturi- Owner, chief barmaid, decorator sometimes, and occasionally moody

Veritas Et Lux a.k.a. Verty - bot, bear, and big softy

Bobbi Nelson - Verty's wife and cook

Rabiez the Infected - What can you say about Rab? He's the guy most likely to blow up the bar, a bad influence on Abby, and her animals. He's also the one most likely to.... wait.... he does, he has a 50 mega ton grenade in his room. He's also the fix-it guy.

Calyx Foxglove - Co-owner and cleric, he's a kitsune that knows everyone's business.

Kirsten Dailiy - Wife of Calyx, and keeper of the little ones.... usually

Mantha Barberi - Head of Security

Marcela - Barmaid

Dingo Puddingo - A bouncer for when Mantha's not around.

TJ the Silver Dragon - A staffie for all seasons, usually seen hanging around the bar.

The X - Tell you the truth, I hired her to annoy some people. She's good enough to hang around, and does an awesome job of being quiet and listening.

Ryu Blackwolf - Good friend, great ear for listening. He's also the one who's at the bar most often, and the one who serves drinks, most of the time, if not AFK.

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