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Employment Application Rules

Most sites tell you not to tell the owners that you've applied.... Well, that's not the case here. We need to be told, otherwise we probably won't check our email for a while. By the way, you can email your application to [email protected]. We'll try to check it as often as humanly possible. Also, place your furcadian name in the subject box so we know who's applying. Copy/paste, if desired.

Employment Application Skeleton

1. Name in Furcadia:

2. Age IRL:

3. How often are you on Furcadia, active, per week and what times? (just estimate, and include time zone)

4. Past Employment: (List position and name of dream)

5. Position for which you are applying:

6. Why do you want to work at VEL?

7. If someone comes in and asks for a job, and Abby's not here, what would you tell the furre?

8. If this character is not your main, what is your main? And are there any alts I should know about?

9. [Sample Rp] Since I don't like giving sample RP's without a prompt, I'll provide a prompt.
A customer walks in, sits at the bar and looks around. Picking up the menu, she glances over it. "I'll have a scotch and water, please, and a hamburger." Looking bored, she twirls her fingers.

Now for some questions to prove how well you looked at the website.

1. If two employees besides yourself are yiffing at the bar, what do you do?

2. What is the punishment for staff for the third offense of a rule?

3. How many lockable rooms do we have?

4. Who is head of security?

5. Who did Abby hire to annoy other furres?

6. What is a 'local freak'?

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