Veritas Et Lux



Welcome to The Veritas bar in Furcadia. Usually located in either Furrabian Nights or Hawthorn, this is a M 16+ dream. Currently in an 'improve whatever' stage, where the owners add, change, or redo what they see fit. Abby Venturi is the proprietor but Veritas et Lux is the bot/bear/hologram that usually keeps it up. Note: Verty is not a bot, he's part of quite a few of our conversations.

With three private rooms (more to come soon), a zoo, a dining room, a chapel, playrooms, a litterbox (mainly for Abby), and a balcony, Veritas caters to almost any customer. Roleplaying is not required, but if others are roleplaying around, please respect others by using brackets. We have four locals when uploaded by Cal or Abby, and one when uploaded by Verty.

We are hiring, for positions that Abby makes up. We are also hiring bartenders, sitters, a cook, and some other positions. The latest ones are 'local freak', someone who spends all their time advertising the locals, 'drink inventor', that one's pretty self explanitory, and 'RP inducer', someone who tries to get a roleplay started. Contact Abby Venturi or Veritas et Lux ingame to apply.

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